Funky Folding Straws!

Funky Folding Straws!

The Reusable Metal Folding Straw

Help save our planet by switching to reusable drinking straws, rather than single use plastic.    

Made of triple-jointed stainless steel, the straw folds to fit into a keychain-sized recycled ABS carrier for access whenever you need it!

Collapsible, reusable and easy to clean - Click here to shop now!

They are perfectly sized to fit in a glass or in many other short cocktail glasses.

You can use these straws again and again instead of throwing away plastic ones.  Easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Rust proof and won't shatter like glass straws. 

Available in 10 amazing colours, Black, Grey, Blue, Pink, Green, White and Earthy tones of Blue, Grey, Pink and Yellow 

Our reusable metal folding straws are the perfect travel straw for those of you who are always on the go! 


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