Collection: AIR PLANTS - Tillandsia

Tillandsia is a gender which comes from the family of Bromelia. The plants are also referred to as air plants.

This unique species does not necessarily have roots as they do not need them, sometimes only to attach themselves to other plants or trees. Not all Tillandsia species can be called air plants as some do have roots that need soil to grow in.

Most of the plants do not need any soil in order to grow and live, which is why they got the name air plants.

Our suppliers Corsa Plant in the Netherlands only offers an assortment of air plants and so can basically live from the air around them. This is not entirely true though, as air plants require little care.

In the countries where the air plants originally come from (South America and Central America mostly), the humidity is very high and the plants can simply take their nutrients from it. As the humidity is not to compare in our countries, Tillandsia plants like to be sprayed regularly and/or to be bathed every couple months to compensate that.

More information about how to take care of your air plants and some caring tips, can be found here.