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Biodegradable Shower Mitt

Biodegradable Shower Mitt

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Plastic-free alternative to shower exfoliators. This product is;

🐷 Vegan & cruelty-free
🇬🇧 Handmade in the UK
💚 Biodegradable & compostable
🌱 Made from organic cotton



As well as being plastic-free, Vegan, and completely biodegradable, this shower mitt is also ethically handmade from OTS certified organic cotton right here in the UK. Because of this, the product has a much lower carbon footprint than it's mainstream alternatives, and you can rest safe in the knowledge that no improper working conditions were used in it's making.

Many loofahs and exfoliators are made from plastic and cannot decompose, meaning they instead head to landfills and our oceans where they take hundreds of years to break down (if at all), and seep microplastics and toxic gasses into the environment when they do so. As plastic loofahs are a soft and tangly material, many recycling centres do not accept them.

This 100% biodegradable shower mitt on the other hand can be added to your home compost at the end of it's life!


This heavy-weight woven cotton shower mitt lathers up soaps and shower gels beautifully, before gently exfoliating your skin to leave it feeling silky smooth. The super soft nature of the fabric helps prevent over-exfoliation, whilst the product is still textured enough to ensure a thorough clean.

This mitt also features a hook for handy air drying between washes!


Wash on cool and hang to dry.

Dermatologists recommend that after each shower you wash your mitt thoroughly and ensure it dries off properly. This prevents the growth of bacteria and harmful microorganisms.

This item can be added to your home compost at the end of it's life. If you do not have access to a composter, it can also be placed in your waste refuse where it will biodegrade at landfill (at a slower rate, but still much quicker than plastic!).

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