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Bottle Farm Indoor Herb Garden

Bottle Farm Indoor Herb Garden

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  • Turn any plastic bottle into a  beautiful indoor farm
  • Everything you need is in this kit including seeds
  • Designed to sit flat or stick to a window, Bottle Farm lets you grow without a garden
  • Plant Fuel contains all the nutrients your plants need to thrive. It dissolves directly into tap water and is drawn up by the plant's roots.

Low Carbon


Bottle Farm is an amazing way to transform your trash into something beautiful. You can turn any plastic bottle (works best with a 2-litre bottle we find) into your own herb garden, no matter how much space you have! 

You can rest the stand on any surface or if you don't have the room you can easily stick it to your windows with the suckers included which is great for small flats. You can grow your own: basil, chives, chillies, rocket, parsley, coriander and lettuce!


Assemble the kit and start growing, Bottle Farm contains everything you need to start growing fresh food at home. You will just need any plastic bottle.


Plant Fuel: Soluble powder containing all the micro-nutrients plants need for quick and healthy growth, removing the need for soil. It dissolves into tap water and is drawn up by the roots.

Seeds are selected through extensive testing to find the best varieties to grow in Bottle Farm. Italian basil seeds are included in the kit.

x8 Grow Pods slot into the Grow Basket and provide a place for seeds to take root. Made from sustainable ground coconut husk, each pod takes up just the right amount of water and nutrients for your plants.

x4 Grow Baskets slot into the bottle and provide the structure for your plants to grow in. Designed to give the bottle walls added strength. Made from 100% recycled plastic.

x1 Cutting Template: Sticky template for cutting the slot accurately. Made from recycled paper.

x2 Suction pads slot into the Bottle Stands and attach to the window.

x2 Bottle Stands hold the bottle on a window or flat surface. Designed to hold any bottle. Made from 100% recycled plastic.

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