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Solar Glass Glow Stone Pebbles

Solar Glass Glow Stone Pebbles

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A super stunning solar glass stone that doesn't look like a regular solar product, there are no trailing wires, and even the solar panel is hidden within the glass, so it just looks like a glass stone pebble or sea glass pebble in the daytime!

Place in a sunny part of the garden in the daytime and in the evening it will automatically switch on at dusk.

The stone has a warm white LED, but because the glass itself is an opaque cool white colour, the stone looks warm white at the bottom, lightening to a cool white at the top.


  • 1 warm white LED
  • Solar powered
  • Height: 8cm
  • Material: glass
  • Built-in rechargeable battery
  • Lights automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn
  • Outdoor use only

PLEASE NOTE:        

This is a solar product and it requires sunlight to be powered. The length of time these stay illuminated depends on the time of year and weather conditions. They will still work in winter but only for a couple of hours from dusk. Approximate lighting times are: Spring = 2 - 5 hours, Summer = 5 - 8 hours, Autumn = 2 - 5 hours, Winter = 0 - 2 hours. Expect the brightness intensity to fade as the battery charge becomes low.

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