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Huge 7 Chakra Leather Book - 10 x 13"

Huge 7 Chakra Leather Book - 10 x 13"

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7 Chakra Journal Notebook with Leather Cover.

The perfect gift for many an occasion. Bring a bit of "Game of Thrones" magic to your life. 

Each Notebook has its own unique style and purpose. 

The books made by Ancient Wisdom can be used as a notebooks, diary's or sketchbooks. 

✔ Popular coming of age gift

✔ Looks great on book shelf.

✔ Large books 200 pages - made with eco-friendly paper

Note to self, add me today. 📚

Origin  India
Net weight 1Kg /book
Shipping weight 1Kg
Dimensions 33x25x2.5 (cm), 2.062L, 0.485Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients Leather, Recycled paper
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