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Jam Jar - Twelve Sides & Lid

Jam Jar - Twelve Sides & Lid

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This Glass Jar is essential item for the home coffee shops, restaurants, craft shop, candle makers.

This jar can be used in many different ways such as table decoration, candle jars, for homemade jams and jellies or even to pour milk while having tea.

Each Glass comes with a twist lid to lock in all your tasty flavours. They are the perfect size for wedding favours, guests and gifts.  

✅ Ideal for filling home-made jams, jellies, marmalade's, chutneys and sauces

✅ Comes with gold or silver, twist-off lids

❎ Not microwave safe

Now at a tasty price!

Net weight /piece
Shipping weight 0.2Kg
Materials / Ingredients Glass
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