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Molten Glass Large Fish Tank 3.7 litre (with light cavity)- 30cm

Molten Glass Large Fish Tank 3.7 litre (with light cavity)- 30cm

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Bring nature inside with these absolutely beautiful (and affordable) natural works of art!

The glass is hand-blown and while still hot it is then relaxed over a piece of Gamal root, the glass then hardens to the shape of the wood ensuring a perfect fit.

They are crafted using a natural product by using hand tools in the traditional Balinese way. It provides a one-of-a-kind setting for stones and air plants. Each item is unique as they are made from natural sustainable Gamal wood and the recycled glass is shaped to suit which add to its authenticity.

They can be used for house plants, zen gardens or floating candles. The wooden base has a cavity for the cable and bulb fitting. 

Bowl Size:H:19cm D:20cm;  Capacity:3.700ml  

on the Wood Stand: H:26cm Weight: 1600g Bowl neck D:6cm 

Wooden base sizes: D:26 H:5 Weight: 3.400g 

Please note: That due to the handmade nature of this product, there can be small imperfections in the glass such as small bubbles, light scratches. Sizes and designs may vary slightly.

Each Molten Glass comes complete with UK light fitting & LED Bulb.


Origin  Indonesia
Net weight 5Kg /Bowl
Shipping weight 4,187Kg
Dimensions 28x20x26 (cm), 14,56L, 0,343Kg/L
Materials / Ingredients Gamal Wood, Glass

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