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12 x Natural Diffuser Flowers on Reed

12 x Natural Diffuser Flowers on Reed

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These Natural Aroma Diffuser Flowers and Sticks are craft made by hand from sola wood. Connected to a reed stick they draw the fragrance up into the flower making the most beautiful artistic diffusers.

You can make a lovely display, that's let your creativity shine and will be inspired by the many possibilities. 

Please Note:

With use the petals will gradually draw any colour from the fragrance used make a unique beautiful flower effect.

NB: Bottles are sold separately

Carnation on Reed: 

Reed: length 23cm / Flower : height 2.5, diameter 6cm


Rose on Reed:

Reed: length 23cm / Flower : height 4, diameter 5.5cm


Lily on Reed:

Reed: length 23cm / Flower: height 3, diameter 4cm


Tulip on Reed:

Reed: length 26cm / Flower: height 6, diameter 3cm

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