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Gingko Velvet Accordion Lamp

Gingko Velvet Accordion Lamp

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Not only can you now purchase this beautiful lamp, inspired by the shape of an accordion, in five sumptuous velvet colour options, these lamps now also showcase a range of beautiful new patterns designed exclusively for Gingko by Hello Monkey, one of which features the leaves of the gingko biloba tree, alongside zebras, floral, geometric and landmark prints.

This versatile lamp can be used in so many ways…lay it flat on your dining or coffee table, place it on its ends to save space and show off the quirky design, or hang it Chinese-lantern style using the matching velvet magnetic lanyard for a beautiful party accessory. The clever design even incorporates a magnetic cover on both sides, so you can open it to a full 360 degrees or connect it to other units to create your own piece of sculptural art.

Simply open the lamp to switch it on and the light emitted will beautifully highlight the exquisite patterns through the waterproof and tearproof Tyvek paper. Changing the light from cool white to warm yellow is as simple as closing and reopening the lamp and, once closed, the lamp is condensed down to a tactile and attractive hexagonal display item, small enough to pop in your suitcase for holidays or to take outdoors for balmy summer evenings.


  1. LED life-span: about 50000hrs
  2. Two colour temperature options : 2700K (warm light colour) and 5000k (cool white light) in one product
  3. Output: 400 lumen
  4. Can open up to 360 degrees
  5. Powered by in-built 2200mAh rechargeable li-on battery
  6. Battery life approx 6-8 hours after one charge, takes 3-4 hours to charge it up
  7. Made of velvet with water-resistant and tear-proof tyvek paper
  8. Magnetic covers
  9. USB C charging lead and magnet lanyard included
  10. Product size: 100 x 100 x 35mm or 3.93 x 3.93 x 1.37 inches (L*W*D)
  11. Product weight: 350g or 0.77 lbs
  12. Available designs: green in gingko leaf, brown in zebra pattern, pink in floral, grey in world’s landmarks and turquoise in geometric design

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