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Tillandsia Harrisii

Tillandsia Harrisii

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The Tillandsia Harrisii makes its distinction within the different air plants by its fine greyish-white spiky leaves.

The flowering of this kind is quite remarkable, because the red bloom is very show against the greyish-white / silver leaves. The Tillandsia Harrisii prefers bright light as this unique and bright Air Plant may appear to do so.

The Tillandsia Harrisii is mainly found in Guatemala.

Before the flowering stage begins, the plants are shipped to our suppliers in The Netherlands to their main growing location. Our growers then take further care of these air plants at this location.

The Tillandsia Harrisii is covered by the CITES certificate, just like the Tillandsia Xerographica.

This means that it is a protected species plant in Central America and therefore only a limited amount of these plants may be imported.

Approx size: 10 - 15cm or possibly more

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