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Tillandsia - Juncea

Tillandsia - Juncea

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The Tillandsia Juncea is a relatively long and narrow species within the Tillandsia family.

With its thin green leaves and a height of 25-40 centimeters, the Tillandsia Juncea is very suitable for tall vases and decoration. This plant can efflorescence well below average care, and so there will grow a nice and powerful purplish flower from the center.

Generally, the Juncea grows and flourishes relatively slow when compared to other Tillandsia species. Sometimes it takes almost a year before the non blossomed flower entirely ceased blossoming.

The Tillandsia juncea is native to Central America, Mexico and parts of South America.

Since the flowering stage is a long process with this plant, this species is often brought to Holland before but also during the flowering stage. Here, the cultivation process is further prosecuted on the location of Corsa Plant in De Lier.

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